Training Centre Courses

1 Day Experienced Operators Course

Our Forklift course is carefully designed to help candidates with extensive experience and knowledge regarding forklift truck operations.
You will be required to complete a VOC (Verification of Competency) on enrolment, this will take approximately 30 minutes. The assessor will ask you to perform some tasks on the forklift very similar to the tasks you will be expected to perform in your Assessment. On successful completion of your VOC you will be given a document to be completed by your previous or current employer to verify your experience.
You will be enrolled into a 1 day experienced operators course and given your study book, activity book and study instructions.
Enrolment and VOC session must take place at least 4 days prior to your course date.
A photo identification is required on Enrolment  i.e. Driver licence, Learners Permit, Proof of Age card, Passport etc..

Your i.d. MUST have your current address or it will not be accepted.


The 1-day course will include revisions of your study book and practice of the practical tasks before attempting the assessment (test).

Course Cost:  $395 pp. 

The 1-day course is always the 2nd day of the listed 2 day courses unless other arrangements have been made.
The course dates are in the pull down list at the bottom of the page, when you decide on a date that suits you please contact our friendly staff to book the enrollment.

2 Day Beginner Course

The two day forklift course is designed for those with limited or no experience operating a forklift truck. Our fully qualified and patient trainers will guide you through your course making it a very memorable experience.
On enrolment you will receive a study book and activities which must be completed prior to attending the 2 day  course. We recommend a minimum of 4 days self-paced study to do this, some people may require longer to complete the self-paced study requirement.
The 1st day will be made up of revisions of your study book, safety DVD, group discussions and practical training.
Day 2 will consist of revisions prior to your calcs & knowledge assessments & practice prior to the practical assessment.
On successful completion of your assessment (test) you will be issued a NOA (temporary licence) immediately. You will also be given the necessary documents which you must take to a post office within 60 days to apply for your 5 year licence.

Additional licencing fee ($65) is payable to Worksafe Victoria via Australia Post within 60 days of  assessment.

Course Cost:  $395 pp.
Temporary Offer  - For Courses Booked in  February.

Normal Cost $450 pp.

Course dates are below in the pull down list, when you select the dates that suit you phone our friendly staff on 0499 880 588 to book an appointment to enrol you and issue your study resources, you will  be given instructions on what to bring to your enrolment.