Workplace Scissor Lift Training - Melbourne

Looking for a way to become a more desirable candidate in the workplace for potential employer? OZFORKS Melbourne provides a workplace scissor lift licence course delivered over a 3 to 4 hour session depending on the number of students. The course is split into a theory session where participants are given a learners guide and presented information by the trainer via a PowerPoint presentation. Following the theory session, the trainer provides a practical training component on the scissor lift, followed by an assessment on the use of the equipment and a written theory assessment.

On successful completion of the course, studnets will be issued with a plastic credit card-style yellow card licence (competency card)

Course Content

OHS & the law , types of EWPs, pre-operational checks, operate scissor lift, shut down.

Participant Requirements

  • Participants bust be over 18 years of age
  • Supply Photo ID - If photo required on card (Additional $10.00 free Rq)

Site Requirement

  • Training room i.e office, board room, or lunch room to conduct the theory component and written licence assessment. the trainer will need access to power for a projector.
  • Access to a compliant scissor lift
  • Acces to a suitable area where the trainer can ask the participants to demonstrate the operation of the scissor lift to perform a variety of tasks.


3 -4 Hours Depending on the number of students.

Course Fee

$600 per course - up to 6  Applicants (Additional attendees $80 PP)